Our Tow Trucks

Within our fleet of Tow Trucks, the Mack Titan we use for Lighter / Smaller Tow Jobs, while the 8×4 Argosy can Tow anything up to 35ton GVM.

Winching / Pulling Bogged Trucks, Transport Machinery, Heavy Equipment etc. we can use 2 x 10ton Winches fitted to a 2 Stage Boom on our Tow Truck or we can utilise the 2Ton Winch plus Blocks and Pulleys on the 8×4 Argosy’s 43TM Crane Truck.


Below are some of the few Truck Tows and Truck Recoveries we completed recently.

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Terms and Conditions

Any Booking Confirmation and/or Payment made to TowMyTruck confirms that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions (read further) which were communicated to you via this website, emails and verbally.
NB: All Tow / Recovery at Owner’s Risk. We only assume liability for the Industry Standard Tow Procedures TowMyTruck ( Automated Heavy Vehicle Driver Training and Recruitment P/L Trading As) may Perform. All unforeseen Incidents and Accidents resulting in any Damage whatsoever to Your and/or to 3rd Party Property and/or Equipment will NOT be covered by our Insurance.
Off Road Access: If our Truck(s) may need to leave Sealed Roads as per your requirements, if our truck(s) may need to enter Private Property – you assume all liability as our insurance policy only covers us on public roads. That is: You accept All Liability for any damage to your and 3rd Party Property and Equipment. If our truck may get bogged/immobilised, or may require any outside assistance (unless its is due to a Mechanical Failure of our Equipment during is Designed Use) consequent to us carrying out your requests, you will need to pay for the cost of On Site Assistance, Tow / Recovery etc. to get our Truck(s) and Equipment back on Sealed Road. Our Off Road Heavy Recovery Tow Trucks costs $275.00 + GST p.h. timed from our Brooklyn Base back to Base. You may also need to pay for the Additional Time our Unit(s) are held up until Everything is back on Sealed Road. Naturally, our Drivers will do EVERYTHING Possible to Get the Your Job Done, however it is up to the Driver to decide what is Safe and Possible to Carry Out. Ultimately, we should avoid Injury, Property Damage and getting bogged at all cost. Any Doubts or Issues, please call 0414319016.

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